Stražilovo is the most popular resort on the Fruška gora mountain, for tourists of all ages.

From it, numerous trails and paths are leading to interesting places for relaxation, entertainment and camping. The spacious green areas are ideal for resting and recreation, having wooden benches and picnic tables.

From the location of the monument of the great Serbian romanticist, Branko Radičević, well kept forest path leads to his tomb, on the top of the hill. The thing that makes the hiking to the peak easier and more interesting, are info boards with the poet’s verses from the song “Pupils good-bye’’, which also contain photos and names of all the rare and endangered plants of Fruška gora. You will remember Stražilovo after a specific wind called “Stražilovac”, which makes it an exceptional air spa with a favorable wind rose.


Fruška gora allures all nature-lovers representing an ideal place for strolls, relaxation, visiting monasteries and exploring nature. In order for all this to be accessible to visitors, at the base of Fruška gora, surrounded by nature, lies the Mountaineers` hut “Stražilovo”.

The mountaineers` hut, an ideal place for a short break, is located at the core of Strаžilovo forest. The building is equipped with a large room, a small TV room, a club, fully equipped kitchen and four bathrooms with hot water. On the first floor are located four-bed and six-bed bedrooms of total capacity of 50 beds.

Outside are well-lit courts for mini football, badminton and volleyball, an open amphitheatre (the forest cinema), a paintball court, an artificial climbing rock and a playground for kids.

The Mountaineers’ hut and its surroundings are ideal for implementing seminars, educational courses, motivational trainings, “team building” events and classes in nature, as well as one-day sightseeing trips to the natural habitat. The home has electricity and water (non-potable), and here you can invigorate yourself with coffee, tea, beer, juices and homemade wine, bermet and brandy.

Many courses and paths lead from the mountaineers` home. Following these tracks you will see many great camping sites, and some of the courses will surely lead you to at least one of the 17 currently active monasteries. Tucked among the trees, peaceful and serene, these monasteries allure with both their beauty and history. Dating back from various periods, ranging from 15th to 18th century, with Krušedol, Grgetek, Novo Hopovo and Velika Remeta being most frequently visited, they are an obligatory destination for all visitors of Fruška gora.