Packages offered by Vojvodina Environmental Movement are designed for virtually all ages.

They are created with great care and planned based on long-standing experience. In order to please your every need and desire, the arrangements are precisely planned, all the while being flexible. Aside from pre-made packages we offer the possibility of a custom arrangement of your choice.

The vast majority of activities are meant for elementary and high school students, who, through educational camps, learn about the nature, cultural heritage and healthy lifestyles. Within our full package arrangement there is also a special offer aimed at companies and corporations who wish to strengthen and integrate their business team through a number of “teambuilding” activities and courses. There are, of course, individual packages for all those who wish to explore, on their own or in the company of family and friends, the proposed locations, rich with nature and history.

Our arrangements are led by a team of experts with a long-standing experience in work with children and young people, as well as older individuals, along the lines of protection of the environment, preservation of nature, tourism and human resources management.


A unique opportunity to feel the charm of Sremski Karlovci by living in a group and dwelling in nature with your peers. Camps are an ideal way of spending leisure time for everyone who is into recreation, socializing and spending time in nature in an active and creative way.



Set off on a team treasure hunt through the woods, following the trails of animals, in canoes through the flooded forests or in fishing boots, going through waist-deep water! Help your employees regain their energy, boost their adrenalin and provide them with a working atmosphere on a relaxing but active holiday.



Escape the busy cities, get rested and restore your energy during an active stay in the natural surroundings of Sremski Karlovci. Paddle a canoe through the flooded wetlands, climb a mountain while exploring a peaceful, quiet natural oasis. Go camping in an unforgettable resort.