Sremski Karlovci are located between the two main centres of Serbia, short of Novi Sad at only 12 km, and just 80 km away from Belgrade.

It has an excellent traffic connection enabled by the European route E-75 and the magistral route M-21.

Sremski Karlovci is positioned on the outskirts of Fruška gora and alongside Danube`s bank. Today, as part of the national park Fruška gora, just 4 km from the centre of the town there is the well-known campsite “Stražilovo”, the right place for a short break. For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors and stay a while longer there is the Eco camp, the very first built inside a national park in Serbia, and the Mountaineers’ hut, to whom lead marked and well-kept paths. On the other side of Danube lies Kurjačka greda, a part of the natural reserve Kovilj-Petrovaradin Wetlands, home of many protected and rare species of birds, amphibia and fish in Europe, representing a true masterpiece of nature.

At the heart of Sremski Karlovci lies the town`s old centre, where you can see and visit numerous cultural and historical monuments, the panoramic viewing spot, the “Ecological Centre Radulovački”, museums and wineries which allow a rich variety of amusement.