Fruska gora is the oldest national park in Serbia and it is a haven for all nature lovers.

National Park “Fruska gora” has a large number of resorts and well-marked hiking and walking paths that offer many possibilities for active vacation, hiking and biking.

Fruška gora is a woodland area where the beech, hornbeam and linden trees prevail and represent the highest concentration of these species in Europe. Its greenery is enriched with about 1,500 plant species, of which are 700 herbs. If you go a bit deeper in the nature you can find: orchids that are protected at European level, hellebore, rhizome, anemone, bluebell and many other species. It provides favorable conditions for many animal species. Declared as an Important Bird Area in Europe. Imperial Eagle, which is one of the most endangered species from the International Red List, nests only in these parts of Serbia.
Another thing that makes this mountain special are the 17 active monasteries, which date from different periods of the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. Some of the most visited ones are Krušedol, Grgetek, Hopovo and the Big , all luring visitors with its beauty and history.

ECO-CAMPING „Fruška gora“

Your travel does not have to be strenuous or far, in order to enjoy the benefits of camping. We can be reached fast and easily – the approach road is paved and we are only 4 km away from Sremski Karlovci, 16 km from Novi Sad and 75 km from Belgrade.

The camping place is located in the dense woodland and one part if it abuts the Stražilovo creek. It was built as the result of cooperation between Camping association of Serbia and National Park ‘Fruška gora’, and as such it is the first of its kind built in this national park, but in Serbia as well. Its main feature is the usage of sustainable principles, meaning it is designed in a way that it influences the nature as little as possible, while allowing the visitors to connect with the area of the protected habitat. During the construction, natural materials from the immediate environment were used. It uses renewable energy and it also has a wastewater treatment system.

This modern eco oriented campsite is surrounded by a wooden fence and it contains 10 lots for trailers and caravans, 30 lots for tents, a reception, parking place for cars and bicycles, sanitary system equipped with toilets, showers, sinks and space for washing dishes. All of the above is accessible to people with disabilities.
Covered wooden construction represents a unique atmosphere, specially intended for workshops. Nearby, there is a playground for children with slides and swings, and space for relaxation (with covered wooden benches) and barbeque places.

This is a unique connection of nature and nearby urban environment, which offers a proper vacation to all the visitors which prefer to enjoy in nature and activities such as strolling and cycling, but as well visiting the rich cultural heirdom of the area.
It does not matter if you are peacefully lying around, in the shadow of your tent or caravan, or you are hiking by marked mountain paths, stretching between the evergreen and deciduous trees, or you are exploring the historical wealth of Fruška gora, here, you will be able to relax and enjoy in the serenity of your green camping oasis with your beloved ones.