Eco-tourism is developed in areas of unspoiled nature.

It is a form of tourism with an aim to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity. It enables tourists to get educated about the importance of environment protection, using renewable sources of energy, maintaining the well-being of the local inhabitants and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Learning about natural and cultural resources of a certain area is in the most important aspect of eco-tourism. It includes various different activities such as traveling through mountains, visiting unique eco-systems, observing animals in nature, etc.


The “Ecological Centre Radulovački”

The “Ecological Centre Radulovački” consists of two buildings. The older part of the facility is protected as a monument of history and culture, and the newer, modern part is actually one of the first examples of energy efficient buildings in Serbia, built on the principles of sustainable architecture. The centre uses solar and geothermal energy, giving the visitors a good example of the use of renewable sources of energy. The construction materials and wood used on this building provide energetic efficiency.

The “Stražilovo” Mountaineering hut

The “Stražilovo” Mountaineering hut was built with energetically efficient materials, has good thermal insulation, possesses a wastewater filter, a system of solar panels for water heating and an arboretum with various trees and bushes. Construction of a recycling yard for this object is being planned.

The Eco camp “Fruška gora”

The Eco camp “Fruška gora” is the first of its kind built in this national park, but in Serbia as well. Its main feature is the usage of sustainable principles, meaning it is designed in a way that it influences the nature as little as possible, while allowing the visitors to connect with the area of the protected habitat. During the construction, natural materials from the immediate environment were used. It uses renewable energy and it also has a wastewater treatment system.


Considering that the “Radulovački” Eco-centre is located in the vicinity of the Fruška gora National Park and the river Danube, we have made an effort to create our services and programs in a way that will contribute to the preservation of the environment, with respect to the ecological principles:

  • Since 2012, within the Eco-centre, a sustainable facility has been built. It was built based on the principles of sustainable architecture which uses renewable sources of energy: energy of the ground for heating and cooling the facility and solar energy for heating the consumable water.

  • The infrastructure has been developed in harmony with the environment. We are trying to protect the flora and fauna and to blend with the natural surroundings.

  • We create our plans and strategies in advance, in cooperation with experts, with the aim of sustainable natural resource management.

  • We emphasize the use of basic science and humanities studies as long-term supervision programs, in order to evaluate and minimize the influence.

  • We process utility waste and wastewaters with very carefully.

  • Our programs and services are ecologically sustainable, educational and useful. They provide our visitors with a unique experience.

  • Minimum influence on the environment.

  • Protection of natural and cultural components of the immediate environment.