A unique opportunity to feel the charm of Sremski Karlovci by living in a group and dwelling in nature with your peers.

Camps are an ideal way of spending leisure time for everyone who is into recreation, socializing and spending time in nature in an active and creative way. Camps for children and youth are a very good opportunity to get in touch with nature, offered by the micro environment of Sremski Karlovci. Through these camps children and young people are given a chance to spend their free time in an interesting and creative way, with their peers. Camping days are packed with interactive and educational workshops, combined with numerous outings in nature and open-air activities, whereas the nights are reserved for fun and socializing.
There are two basic types of camps – for elementary school students, and for high school students.

Camps for children imply a realization of activities and workshops during several days, through a thoroughly planned program written by experienced camp-leaders. The activities include field-trips to the intact natural locations of the Fruška gora Mountain and the Kovilj-Petrovaradin Wetlands, where children can learn how to recognize plants and animals by gathering fruits, making their own herbariums or bird-watching. Educational workshops in the “Eco-Centre Radulovački” allow the children to get familiar with old crafts, art and culinary techniques, through fun and games. Of course, there are various sports activities which combine fun with healthy lifestyle.

Youth camps are designed with the purpose to get high school students to know the beauties of town and nature through experiential learning. They will be given a chance to learn the eco-values of the Kovilj-Petrovaradin Wetlands through field workshops and research, but also through enjoying the Danube and the beautiful surroundings of this protected nature reserve. They will have the opportunity to develop their social skills by solving tasks which can only be solved through teamwork and by using their own capacities. In the Fruška gora Mountain, the oasis of tranquility and quiet, they can take part in light hikes or the adrenalin-rush bicycle tours.