Sremski Karlovci and its surrounding have an extremely rich heritage regarding both nature and culture, a feat that is quite rare for the towns in vicinity.

Its location between one of Europe`s largest rivers on one side, a national park on the other, as well as significant cultural and historical sights in the town`s preserved center, inspired a great number of institutions and civil organisations to unite within the “Danube Stream for Green Dream” project. Our goal is to provide content that will attract tourists and reveal all the beauty this small middle-european town has to offer. Together, we offer a Lifetime adventure!

Vojvodina Environmental Movement offers accommodation and education in the Ecological centre Radulovački, located in the town centre, catamaran rides on Danube, exciting canoe and mountain-bike rides across the wetlands. The mountaineer association “Stražilovo” offers accommodation and various activities in the surroundings of the Mountaineers` hut, such as hiking, cycling and free climbing. The Camping Association of Serbia and the National park of Fruška gora offer the possibility of an active vacation in a peaceful and natural environment of the Eco-camp at Stražilovo, and Novi Sad Environmental Movement has great experience in organizing educational camps and excursions for the children and youth. The Faculty of sciences of Novi Sad, the Department of tourism with its expertise guarantees a successful realization of the Green Label certification. In creating our Adventure great support was received from the Government of Vojvodina, the Municipality of Sremski Karlovci and its Tourist organization, as well as the donators of the European Commission and Austrian Development Agency.


For our mascot we have chosen a stylised Venturer bee because a bee represents intelligence, activity and a healthy environment.

For our mascot we have chosen a stylised Venturer bee because a bee represents intelligence, activity and a healthy environment. Honey is often associated with Sremski Karlovci because it is here that the department of beekeeping was established, the second one in Europe at that time. Today the town has a unique Museum of beekeeping. Sremski Karlovci are located in the vicinity of Fruška gora, also called the honey mountain or the sweet mountain due to its great number of melliferous plants, amongst whom is the linden tree which enables bees great productivity. The Venturer bee is a cheerful depiction of a mascot equipped as a venturer – adventurer, so as to associate with activity and nature.


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